Save Energy – Your Hot Water System is Costing You Dearly

More and more people are more concerned than ever before about the environment. As a result they are taking steps to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint. With energy costs increasing steadily, finding practical ways to reduce energy consumption just makes sense. When you are able to reduce how much energy you consume, you will be able to reduce your overall emissions, protect the environment and reduce your utility costs.

One of the primary culprits related to excessive energy use in your home is the hot water system. A number of home’s still use the electric powered systems. These types of systems will heat water by using an element. This is an extremely power intensive method of water heating and needs to be avoided if at all possible. Once the water is heated, the water is stored until needed. In many instances quite a bit of heat is lost, especially if it sits overnight since these types of systems are not insulated very well.

Now you have to find a solution for this excessive energy expenditure. Some options to consider include:

1. Upgrade your system to a model that is powered by solar power. When installed properly, they can provide an energy savings of as much as 70 percent.

2. Another option is a gas powered system. These are more efficient, especially the instantaneous options, and more efficient while producing much less emissions compared to other energy types.

If an upgrade is not an option, then you should reduce the temperature of your existing system to about 50 degrees Celsius. This is the most suitable temperature since it will minimise the risk of being scalded and prevent the growth of bacteria. This temperature will also help to minimise the heating load on the water heating system significantly, which will help you save even more energy and more money.

Another option to help and reduce your energy guzzling water heating system is to install tap fittings and shower heads that are designed to minimise water usage. When you use less water, it will put a smaller demand on the water heating system, thus reducing the amount of energy used.

When you use these guidelines, you will likely see a huge drop in your energy costs. Not only will this may your wallet happy, it is also good for the environment.

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