Safety Guidelines for Using Augers in Oregon

Augers in Oregon can be used in grain bins to move the grain from the grain bin to an outside vehicle that transports the grain to its next destination. While these devices can be very handy for grain producers, they can also pose a hazard for grain bin operator. The following guidelines will help a grain operator safety enter a grain bin while there is an auger present.

Before entering a grain bin where there is an auger, a grain bin operator should make sure he knows how an auger works. The basic operations of the auger can be garnered by reading the owner’s manual. A grain bin operator should also ensure that he knows the components of the auger. When an auger is in a grain bin, the grain gin operator should know where it’s at precisely. This will help him to know which area to avoid.

Entering a grain bin with an auger should never be done when the auger is in use. The auger should be locked out according to directions provided by the manufacturer. A grain bin operator should always have another person help him do this to prevent doing it wrong. When entering the grain bin, a grain bin operator should never be wearing loose clothing. This can be caught by the auger and cause personal harm.

When a grain bin operator is in a grain bin, he should know where the emergency exits are. He should also have two people outside the gain bin to help him in case there is an emergency. It will take two people to help lift him in case there is an emergency. All parties involved in a grain bin entry should know emergency procedures in case there is an emergency. There should also be a plan filed and an inspector on site in many instances. Using these procedures will enable grain bin operators to safely enter grain bins when there are Augers in Oregon area present. For more questions and concerns, a person should refer to the owner’s manual of the auger being used in the grain bin or call the manufacturer.

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