Safety Equipment Manufacturers Discuss Current Trends

Workplace safety, especially in industrial, farming, and other similar fields, is incredibly important. A safe workplace is one with the right policies, procedures, and equipment in place or on hand in order to prevent major accidents from occurring. It is a field that is constantly evolving and growing in order to meet existing challenges and to continue to improve the health and safety of workers everywhere. The best equipment for the job is always changing, making safety equipment rental incredibly useful for industries and worksites that don’t always need the same equipment every day. A number of safety equipment manufacturers discuss current trends in equipment in a recent interview, giving a hint of what managers and owners can expect to see in the months and years to come, and may guide their equipment rental decisions.

Equipment Will Be More Comfortable/Easier To Use

One main complaint of many workers is that safety equipment simply isn’t easy to use or comfortable to wear. Lighter materials are already being introduced, helping to make wearable safety gear more comfortable and other safety equipment easier to carry. These changes will also take seemingly small things into consideration – such as the shape of a person’s face when it comes to safety glasses. This will improve the effectiveness of safety equipment, making for safer workplaces.

Bluetooth Technology Will Be Introduced

Bluetooth technology can help a worker communicate to other members of his or her team much faster than relying on other forms of technology and can connect employees to other safety programs with speed and reliability.

Wearable Devices Will Rise In Popularity

The trend of a wearable device to monitor things like heart rate and step count is nothing new in society at large, but is only starting to develop in the field of safety. A product manager from Kentucky speculated that these devices will help keep employees safe by monitoring vital signs, exposure limits, and proximity to other hazards. These workers can then be alerted to potential dangers before the situation becomes dire, giving them a chance to seek safety prior to an accident occurring.

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