Roof Replacement or Roof Repairs in Orland Park, Which is the Better Option?

Trying to decide whether to replace or repair roofing is an exercise that largely involves timing -; you do not want to reroof too early and waste precious money, but you also do not want to wait too long since you are likely to end up with serious leaks leading to expensive water damage. You have to get your timing right by learning how to assess the condition of your roof and deciding whether you require replacement or roof repairs in Orland Park.


It costs a few thousand dollars to install a new asphalt shingle roofing. Experts estimate that the cost versus resale value rate is about 59.5%. For high value materials such as standing stream metal, the cost is likely to jump to about 20% higher than the installation costs of the asphalt shingle roofing.


When most of your roof is in good shape, spot repairs make sense. However, for signs of roof wear spotted, or if the roof is older than 20 years, replacing it is a smarter decision.


Early Signs of Roof Leak
Checking your roof’s condition at least twice an year will help you get organized and plan for any repairs early. Some signs include dark spots on the ceilings, water stains along pipes that vent the furnace or water heater, damp spots along fireplaces and peeled paint under the roof overhangs.


When checking for roof damage from outside, use a pair of binoculars. Things you should be on the lookout for include:
1. Rust spots on flashing
2. Buckling, blistered or curled shingles
3. Worn areas along skylights, pipes and chimneys
4. Asphalt grit in the gutters
5. Masses of lichen and moss


While inspecting, if you find signs that should get you worried, especially if the roof is old or you have just had a heavy storm, get a professional to do an assesment of the damage done so far. While some specialized roof inspectors will do the assessment for free, others will charge a nominal fee.


Muller Roofing Inc is a professional roofing firm that offers roof repairs in Orland Park. They have the necessary expertise, experience and state of the art equipment to locate and repair any type of roof damage as well as roofing installation. You can look here for further information on other services offered by Muller Roofing including gutter replacement.


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