Reviewing The Requirements With A Dog Bite Attorney In Kent County

In Michigan, pet owners must follow local laws that reduce the potential for dog attacks. The attacks often occur due to a failure to maintain control of the dog. Under these conditions, the victim could sustain serious injuries or dies due to their injuries. A Dog Bite Attorney in Kent County represent the victims of these attacks.

Reporting the Pet Owner

The first step is to report the pet owners. The victim reports them through the animal control officer directly or by providing information to a medical doctor. The animal control officer must contact the pet owner and explain what happened. The animal control officer must acquire vaccination records from the dog owner.

Determining if the Dog was Vaccinated

The animal control officer sends a notification to the dog owner to secure a vaccination record for the animal. The state requires all dog and cat owners to acquire rabies vaccination. The vaccine lowers the chances of contraction of the virus. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the animal control officer must determine if the victim is at risk of developing rabies and dying.

What are the Quarantine Requirements?

The quarantine requirements are initiated when it is discovered that the dog wasn’t vaccinated. The quarantine period lasts twelve days. The dog owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet. They are required to pay for all boarding requirements as well as the physical examination. They will pay for the vaccinations that are provided at the end of the quarantine period. The costs include fines associated with a failure to vaccinate the animal.

How Does a Strict Liability Work?

Strict liability is used only if the dog has attacked a human previously. The failure to prevent a new attack presents the strict liability. This liability adds an award for pain and suffering which the pet owner must pay if the case is successful.

In Michigan, pet owners abide by local laws to prevent a dog attack. If they fail, the victim can file a legal claim against the pet owner. The pet owner is held at a strict liability if their dog attacked prior to this event. Victims who need legal help contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Kent County through Bleakley Law Offices P C today.

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