Replacing An Outdated And Inefficient 1835 Bulb

The 1835 bulb, which is an incandescent type of indicator light, has been around for a very long time. It can be found in control panels all around the world in and in all types of industrial controls and large panels in power plants and other similar facilities.

The benefits of this bulb, at the time it was designed, made it a very good choice. It was compact, it could be used across a wide voltage range, and it was bright enough to provide a clear indicator on a panel in even bright operating conditions.

The big problem with the 1835 bulb, as with all incandescent bulbs, is the filament. The filament with this light results in a very short life cycle with these bulbs, particularly when in continual use in a panel. Most of these bulbs would have a life cycle of just months of use, resulting in not only replacement several times a year, but also the risk of a bulb going out resulted in a safety and operational concerns.

The Replacement

Today, even with a panel designed for the 1835 bulb, it is possible to substitute an LED indicator bulb in its place. This is a breakthrough consideration for any panel using these traditional bulbs.

Not only will the LED bulbs replacing the 1835 last for up to 100,000 hours per bulb, but they will also be brighter and provide a better light source for easy visual confirmation on the panel. They come in a range of colors including red, green, amber and blue as well as white.

These LED alternatives do not require any retrofitting or adjustment of the panel. The LED bulbs are simply inserted into the panel as the 1835s would be, making the change from one to the other simple and easy as part of routine maintenance.

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