Replace Your Old Furnace and Save Money

When it comes time to replace your old furnace, you might not know which manufacturer or model to choose. We proudly stock, install and service furnaces made by Carrier. As one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the United States, the Carrier Company is well-known for its heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. The Carrier company got its start in air conditioning business, but it quickly expanded its offerings to heating and ventilation systems as well as products for residential use.

Carrier furnaces are known for their efficiency and effectiveness. We stock them in a wide array of sizes and capacities. We help you choose your new Carrier furnace replacement in Chicago by measuring your home and taking into account its age and the materials from which it was constructed. Once we know what size of a replacement furnace you need, we then start looking at the options. You might want additional features such as a furnace that includes a humidifier or an air purifier. If your home also needs a new air handler, we can pair up the furnace with one of those systems.

When your home needs updates to the duct work, we can also do that. Our furnace installation team works swiftly to complete the project. We test everything to make sure that your new furnace operates as the manufacturer intended it to. Our stock of Carrier products includes both gas and electric furnaces. The amount of energy used to heat your home could go down with new equipment.

When you are considering a Carrier furnace replacement in Chicago, let us at Deljo Heating & Cooling be your first choice. Give our associates a call to get a free estimate or visit us online at to learn more about the Carrier furnaces we install. Like us on our facebook page.

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