Repairing or Replacing Auto Glass in Saint Paul MN

The glass in automobiles breaks surprisingly easily. A small rock kicked up by a passing vehicle, or a tree branch falling at the most inopportune time, and suddenly the windshield is a spiderweb of glass that is very difficult to see through. Hail can also cause damage to vehicle glass. Any crack or chip in the windshield or any Auto Glass in Saint Paul MN can create a dangerous situation. The imperfection in the glass can distract the driver from the road, as well as other vehicles or pedestrians. This is why the federal government, specifically the Department of Transportation (DOT), and many state DOTs, have specific regulations about when a cracked windshield must be replaced. The driver’s view must not be impaired in any way. In some cases, drivers can be ticketed for driving with broken, cracked or even chipped windshields.

Sometimes, the chips, and even some of the cracks, in windshields can be repaired. The repair is typically made by drilling a hole through the windshield glass and filling it with a compound that prevents it from spreading any further. The glass is safety glass, so the drilling doesn’t cause any additional damage, so long as it is done properly. However, leaving a crack completely untreated will eventually lead to its spreading. But, a repair is not always possible. It depends on the size and place of the crack or chip in question. These questions are best asked of an experienced professional.

If the glass cannot be repaired, it will have to be replaced. The old glass has to be removed completely. Once it is replaced, the glass must be sealed properly, or it will leak during heavy rainstorms or possibly even when washing the vehicle. Professionals in the window glass business have many different methods for ensuring this. The glass must be the correct size; it must also be placed correctly and the seal applied properly.

Some insurance companies and policies will cover the replacement of Auto Glass in Saint Paul MN. Typically, the claim is submitted by the professionals handling the replacement. Additionally, one can browse around here for information about getting a quote and the rest of the auto glass repair process.

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