Removing mold in the bathroom

It’s a fact that mold forms in damp areas and there is no place in a typical home that is damper than the bathroom. A combination of showers, baths, damp towels and clothing and in many cases, poor ventilation makes a bathroom an ideal breeding ground for mold. There are many products available for use in residential mold removal in South Jersey but you can also mix up solutions at home that are equally as good and certainly a lot less expensive. Vinegar, bleach and ammonia all work well for removing mold but exercise a some caution when using bleach or ammonia as these products can be harmful is used improperly.

A damp bathroom can host various types of mold but by far the most common one is also one of the most dangerous; toxic black mold. Professionals who undertake residential mold removal in South Jersey area will be the first to tell you that black mold can be very dangerous to the health of the people living in the home and the presence of it is not something to be ignored. Any mold for that matter if not taken care of can quickly spread as the spores travel on air currents, in no time mold can begin to appear on other surfaces in the home which are not as easy to clean as most surfaces in the bathroom which are non-porous.

A simple solution to eliminating mold in the bathroom is a solution of bleach and water. A quarter cup of bleach mixed in a half-gallon of water will do the job. Wipe the solution, or better yet, spray it onto the surfaces which have evidence of mold; let it sit for 30 minutes or so and then wipe it off. Make sure you use a disposable sponge or paper towels as they must be disposed of immediately.

Ammonia works similar to bleach and will take care of most bathroom mold. Ammonia should be mixed with water and baking soda, a good solution is equal parts of water and ammonia and a handful of baking soda. Just as it is with bleach, the fumes can be bothersome so make sure you have a fan blowing to keep the air circulating in the bathroom.

An environmentally friendly alternative to bleach and ammonia is simply vinegar. You can use neat vinegar on mold; it will kill about 80 percent of the known molds. Not only is vinegar a great material to use for residential mold removal in South Jersey, if you wipe vinegar on a clean surface it helps to retard future mold growth.

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