Regaining Sight With OrCam Glasses

For those with significant loss of vision, finding ways to be able to live independently and carry out daily activities can be a significant challenge. When it is not possible to improve the individual’s eyesight with corrective lenses, OrCam glasses provide an ideal solution.

OrCam glasses, which are also called OrCam MyEye 2, is a wearable technology to assist blind or visually impaired people to be able to hear information about what they are looking at. A camera is strategically positioned on the arm of the glasses and can be mounted through magnets onto most types of eyeglass frames.

How It Works

The camera responds to hand gestures by the wearer. By responding to the specific movements of the wearer, the camera focuses on different objects, including text, people, and products and then relays that information, through auditory feedback, directly to the wearer.

The device uses highly advanced artificial intelligence and, as the wearer continues to use the glasses, it becomes more fluent with the specifics of the wearer’s typical range of activities and visual input.

In addition to reading, recognizing and identifying objects and text in the environment, the OrCam glasses can also distinguish different types of money, which helps the individual with vision impairments to be able to make up change and pay for items with confidence. The glasses also provide information on the date and time when prompted, and they can even distinguish colors and provide auditory information that distinguishes subtle shade differences.

Other Products

In addition to the MyEye 2 products, the company also produces the OrCam MyReader 2. This is similar in operation to the MyEye2 but is designed specifically to help vision impaired and blind individuals to read text. While it does not recognize objects, it is controlled using the same types of gestures and is also available to read text in multiple languages.

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