Regain Quiet Water Pipes with Professional Plumber from West Hills

One thing homeowners enjoy about their home is quietness. However, when pipes make noise in the home, this quietness is disturbed. There are many reasons why pipes make noise, such as bad weather or clogs. Consider the possible reasons your home’s pipes are noisy, then contact a professional plumber in West Hills to rectify the problem and bring quietness back to your home.

Common Reasons for Noisy Water Pipes

Loose-fitting Pipes

One commonly found a reason for noisy pipes includes loose pipes. Flushed water moves at a rapid pace and in large quantities which can cause loose-fitting pipes to rattle as they sway. Drainage pipes are generally suspended under the house from floor joists. Possibly all that is needed is some tightening to fix the noise.

Water Hammer

Another common cause for noisy pipes is water hammer. This is thumping or banging in the home’s water lines while the water tumbles and churns moving through the pipes. Water moving normally through your home’s pipes is a smooth sound. Water hammer can develop over time due to loss of air in the air chamber, no longer providing a cushion effect for the water. One way to try solving this problem prior to calling a plumber would be to shut off the home’s main water. Next, open all faucets in the home. Finally, from the homes lowest faucet, you would drain the whole house. This should allow air to then again be pushed for cushion effect when restoring water, therefore preventing water hammer.

Water Pressure Regulator or Main Shut Off Valve

If noise in your house seems to resonate, this can be due to the water pressure regulator or the main shut off valve. Repairing or replacing the main house valve might solve the issue. However, if there is no resolve in the noise, the problem might be the reducers manifold if your homes incoming cold water line has a pressure reducer.

In addition to these common problems, toilets or a worn-out washer in a valve or faucet may be the source of the noise. Contacting a professional plumber in West Hills to find the culprit can help you quickly restore peace and quiet in your house.

We all want peace and quiet in our home. Get back the quiet in your home by hiring a professional plumber. For more information, contact Green’s Plumbing, or call 818-880-8847. follow us on Google+

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