Rediscover the Long-Forgotten Benefits of a Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn, NY

People rarely take the time to look up these days. Only a few still pause for a moment here and there to see the beauty of sunlight peeking through a canopy of trees, appreciate the twinkling of the stars in the nighttime sky, or pick out shapes in the clouds. The same is true indoors. Fingerprints on walls, scuffs on doors, and smudges on appliances are easily noticeable, but ceilings receive little attention. Of course, once a crack in the plaster or dark, spreading stain from a leak in the roof does catch your eye, it’ll plague your thoughts until it’s repaired.

In the past, having a metal ceiling Brooklyn NY wasn’t uncommon. Over the years, homeowners and construction companies veered away from the norm in favor of cheaper materials. Plaster quickly took the place of tin, brass, and copper, but this wasn’t necessarily a sign of progress. If you’ve had a plaster ceiling in place for a number of years, you may notice a discolored area over your stove. It’s probably a combination of sticky grease buildup and dust trapped in the growing film.

You can’t grab a sponge and a pail of hot, soapy water to remedy the situation because plaster just doesn’t hold up well against this sort of abuse. This particular problem may draw your attention to your bathroom ceilings. Plaster quite literally crumbles under the pressure of moisture and high humidity. Mildew stains, sagging spots, and falling finishes may all come into play. If they haven’t yet, they more than likely will in the future.

Drifting back to the ways of the past with a metal ceiling Brooklyn NY may be the answer. Metal offers a number of strengths you just won’t find with plaster. It can easily withstand moisture, lasting years beyond the ceiling you probably have in place right now. Though grease and dust buildup may still become an issue in the kitchen, you can easily wipe this away with a mixture of dish detergent and water.

A Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY is also fire resistant. If an unnoticed spill on the stove gets away from you, your metal ceiling will end up no worse for wear. Metal is a lovely, decorative, and long-lasting alternative to the continual potential for damage and need for replacement you’ll experience with plaster. Abingdon Construction specializes in metal ceilings, so contact them to learn more about the array of options available to you.

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