Reasons Why Tree Pruning in Bronx, NY Is Especially Important for Branches Hanging Over Roofs

Sometimes tree pruning in Bronx NY on residential property should be done to protect the roof of the house from various types of damage that can occur when branches hang over it. Problems may develop due to perpetual shade, branches rubbing on the roof, organic debris falling on it, and windstorms.

Surface Erosion and Rot

Branches that drag against shingles wear away the protective surface, even if only the twigs at the end and the leaves extend that far out and down. In addition, leaves continually brushing against shingles, as well as those that have fallen off and are lying on the roof, can trap moisture there. Eventually, rot may set in. These two factors illustrate why pruning these branches back is crucial.


Branches so close to the top of the house also offer an invitation for squirrels to jump on the surface, which is especially appealing if acorns and other tasty morsels are lying on the shingles or in the gutters. Squirrels may gnaw on wood surfaces next to the roof and rubber or other protective materials around wiring.

Clogged Drainage Gutters

Another aspect of trees dropping organic debris on roofs is the need to clean the drainage gutters frequently. Most people don’t look forward to this chore and put it off, which causes the gutters to fill up with leaves, pine cones, seeds, nuts, and twigs.

The Risk of Breakage

Experienced technicians who provide service for Tree Pruning in Bronx NY also trim away branches that have become weak and are at greater risk of breaking off. A large, heavy branch can damage to the roof if it falls, especially if the momentum is greater than normal because of rain and wind. The New York City area is no stranger to stormy weather, so this is a particularly important step.

Roofing contractors recommend keeping branches at least six from roofs, and preferably ten feet. Of course, that isn’t always feasible without cutting trees down, which most property owners don’t want. Technicians from a company such as Arnold’s Tree Service can evaluate the trees around a house and advise the customer which branches are most important to trim back. Visit us online.

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