Reasons Why A Chimney Flue May Need Repairing

The various types of chimney repair in Worthington, OH include the replacement of the flue liner. When a flue needs replacing it can be accomplished by replacing individual flue tiles or the entire unit. The flue repair that is chosen may be directed by the type of heat source the chimney services as well as the amount of money allocated for the project. Like all chimney repairs in Worthington, OH, flue repair is not a job for a home handyman; it is something that must be done by a professional. The potential of doing the job wrong is just too high as; many house fires start in the chimney.


The flue is the actual “pipe” that takes the heat and fumes away from the heat source which can be a fireplace, wood burning stove or water heaters. A flue is made from fire proof material that can also stand high heat, common materials are brick and galvanized steel. As the building ages the flue can deteriorate from the heat stress and weather. The most common failures which demand repair or replacement are cracked tile liners or pipe or mortar joints between the flue tiles which have deteriorated.


The flue liner is designed to separate the flue from any other materials that are used to construct the chimney. The reason the flue has to be installed by a professional is simple; it is the component that prevents chimney fires as well as acting as a barrier against the ingress of fumes into the living space.


When a flue fails it is usually best to replace the entire thing. A new flue can be poured directly around a pre-fab template that follows the design of the chimney. It is also possible to replace damaged flue tiles; it depends to a great extent exactly where the damaged tiles are located. As the flue lines the chimney from the top to the bottom, it can fail anywhere. If the failure is close to either the top or bottom it is usually possible to reach them and replace them with ease. If the damage is somewhere in the center of the flue the chimney repair becomes far more complex as it entails stripping the chimney of its outer veneer, usually bricks that are identical to the bricks used elsewhere on the house.


Whatever the case may be, just remember that any type of chimney repair in Worthington, OH must be done by a professional.


During the course of the heating season the flue in your chimney may become thick with ash and creosote build-up, this is an invitation for a house fire. Visit website to know more.

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