Reasons To Use A Metric Weld Stud

There are many different uses for weld studs, from equipment manufacturing to shipbuilding as well as in elevator panels and in the fabrication of components in commercial kitchens and HVAC systems. For all different sizes and shapes, turning to a specialized weld stud equipment company will provide the best selection for in-house inventory.

For some types of applications, the choice of a metric weld stud over an imperial weld stud will be an important consideration. Top companies offering weld studs will usually have both imperial as well as metric sizes. It may be very difficult, if not impossible, to find large volume inventory of metric sizes through general industrial supply companies or even through fastener companies in the United States.

Exporting to International Locations

For manufacturing companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers exporting parts and components as well as the studs in kits, shipping metric weld stud to international locations will be an essential decision.

These weld studs will work with weld stud guns in other areas of the world. For US-based companies making international moves into new markets, this is a selling feature to consider. It can also be one that sets your company apart from the competition and allows you to quickly take advantage of market opportunities without having to modify your production and fabrication lines.

Imported Parts and Components

Another important consideration for Original Equipment Manufacturers or equipment fabricators importing parts or components from other countries in matching those imports with American parts. Those parts and components will be manufactured with metric weld studs, which could cause problems with fabrication when imperial sized studs are used.

Companies specializing in weld studs should be able to provide both standard and custom options in metric studs. It is always a wise decision to find an experienced company with a solid track record in meeting customer demand and shipping on time to avoid delays and holdups in production and fabrication.

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