Reasons to Have an Emergency Dentist, Don’t Suffer Needlessly in South Loop

Dental emergencies can come up at any time and usually don’t wait until you have a day off work. Most residents in South Loop experience at least once as an adult, which is why it’s essential that you have a trustworthy place to go. An emergency dentist can get you in quickly, usually the same day as your call, which reduces your chances of causing more problems and reducing your pain and discomfort more quickly.


Most dental emergencies start with pain, and most people believe that a toothache is to blame. However, pain can come from anywhere in the mouth and may radiate to the tooth, which leads you to think it’s a toothache. No matter what type of pain you’re in, you don’t have to live with it and should get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

South Loop residents should realize that pain can be caused by many problems, such as a crack in the tooth enamel, a tooth root that was cracked, broken dental implants, dry socket, and much more. Whether you have a low tolerance for pain or not, you shouldn’t suffer needlessly.

Call In

Even if you can’t make it to the dental office right away, make sure you call and tell them what’s going on. In most cases, they will give you advice on what to do until your visit, such as using a cold compress, rinsing the mouth with warm water, or putting knocked out teeth in milk or water.

When you can make it into the office, they can assess the situation and choose a treatment that best fits your needs.

An emergency dentist is there to ensure that you get your tooth issues taken care of quickly. Visit South & West Loop Dental in South Loop at to schedule a free consultation. Like us on our google+ page.

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