Reasons to Consider the Installation of Quartz Countertops in Wausau WI

Remodeling a kitchen calls for making some important decisions. One of those has to do with selecting the right material for the countertops. For people who want something that they can enjoy for years, considering the possibility of Quartz countertops in Wausau WI makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the advantages that come with this option.


Wide Range of Color Options – Considered to be an engineered stone product, Quartz countertops in Wausau WI come in just about any color that the homeowner can imagine. This is not necessarily true with other options, especially natural produces like marble and granite. For homeowners who are looking for a color that is a little out of the box but still has the depth and look to pull the entire kitchen together, this is certainly the way to go.


Stain Resistant – A quartz countertop is an excellent choice in terms of stain resistance. This is because the material is non-porous. Thanks to this particular attribute, cleaning up common kitchen messes of all types will be a breeze. That includes spills like red wine, ketchup, grape juice and just about anything else that could be tipped over during the process of meal preparation. The nature of the product also makes it much easier to make sure the countertops are completely clean, and not harboring any type of bacteria. That makes it much easier to rest assured that there is bacteria left from raw chicken that was allowed to on the counter prior to cooking.


Crack Resistant – Other forms of stone countertops do hold up well, but there is a greater potential for crack or chipping. The design of quartz countertops reduces the risk of both events significantly. As a result, the counters will stand up to a lot of use and still hold their appearance from year to year. Since choosing the right countertops is such an important aspect of the remodeling project, it pays to get input from a professional.


By choosing to work with the team at Stone Innovations, the customer can learn a great deal about the advantages and the drawbacks associated with all sorts of countertop options. After reviewing them all, there is a good chance that quartz will stand out as the best approach in terms of appearance, durability, and even cost over the long-term.

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