Reasons To Consider Renting Asheville Vacation Homes Instead Of Hotels

Vacation homes in Asheville are becoming more and more popular, which is leading some people to wonder why. When going on holiday, you may think it better to use a hotel because of all the amenities, but these rentals may also come with a wide range of amenities you want/crave, all with the privacy and other reasons.

Save Money

Depending on where you rent, Asheville vacation homes can be quite affordable. If you choose a large accommodation, you can share with close friends or other family members, leading to more cost savings.

Likewise, most of these places come fully equipped with utensils, cookware, ovens, refrigerators and more. You don’t have to spend money on fast-food or restaurants because you can cook for yourself. While it is supposed to be a time to relax and unwind, you can choose to make a few meals at home and eat out when you’re too tired, saving money.

More Places

With a hotel or motel, you’re stuck in larger, downtown areas because they know you need a place to sleep. With Asheville vacation homes, you may be off the beaten track, which allows you to feel like you’re roughing it, all while getting the creature comforts you’re used to having. Plus, you’ll have more privacy because you won’t have a stranger on the other side of the wall.


Most people want to spread out, but to do so in a hotel, it means renting a suite. These can be costly, but most cabins and cottages are roomy and still cost-effective. You’ll feel like you’re at home with cable television and snacks, making it more of a relaxing environment. Most people are jarred when they spend a few nights at a hotel, but you’ll go home feeling more refreshed.

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