Reasons To Consider A Fireplace Direct Vent In Chicago

Whether you use it to heat the home or just to provide a little ambiance, you don’t want to get too chilly. You may choose to upgrade pajamas, make hot cocoa, or snuggle up to a significant other, but these options aren’t as good as considering a fireplace with a direct vent in Chicago. If you don’t have one, you’re losing heat up your chimney which could be keeping you toasty and keeping the furnace off.

The Air

Traditional gas fireplaces use indoor air as combustion. The air is taken from the home to burn natural gas/propane, and the fumes are sent up the flue. Your flue is a vertical pipe that draws gases upward and out of the home via the roof. Those hot gases rise because warm air naturally rises higher than cooler air.

Traditional fireplaces are usually inefficient because conditioned air escapes the home through open doors of the fire unit, as well as the firebox ports. Likewise, back drafting can happen if you have fans pulling air out, as well.


A fireplace with a direct vent in Chicago offers many benefits over gas fireplaces regarding efficiency, safety, and versatility. These vents use outdoor air for combustion, pulling the air from outside to the inside. Natural heat flow creates a convention loop, so as hot air exits the pipe, cold, denser air is brought in to fill the void. You don’t need a flue, either, because the piles can be placed through the wall.

You’re safer because you don’t need a flue and back drafting isn’t a problem. They are more efficient because they don’t let go of the warm air, but pull in cold air from outside.

A fireplace direct vent in Chicago is an excellent way to be safer and more efficient. Visit Northwest Metalcraft now for more information.

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