Reasons to Call a Tree Service in the Bronx, NY

While the average homeowner likes to take care of some things around the house, it is better to hire a professional for certain tasks. Taking care of issues with trees on the property is a prime example. Here are a few scenarios that call for contacting a local tree service in Bronx NY, and arranging for a professional to take care of the project.

Damaged Limbs

The last storm caused a great deal of damage, including some tree limbs that are barely hanging onto the trunk. Since those limbs could fall at any time, they are a safety risk. Rather than trying to detach them alone, it makes sense to call a Tree Service in Bronx NY, to remove the limbs safely. A professional will have the equipment needed to take down the limbs, cut them into sections, and haul them away without causing any additional damage to the property.

Dead Trees

While most trees will live for centuries, there are times when blight or some other issue causes a tree to die. Along with making the landscaping look bad, a dead tree could topple during a storm and cause damage to the house. The best approach is to call a service and arrange a complete tree removal. An expert can determine how to go about the task based on the size of the tree and where it is located on the property. Once most of the tree is down, the team can concentrate on removing the stump.

Revitalizing the Landscape

Tree services do more than get rid of stray limbs or take down dead trees. They also provide help with planting new trees that help to make the landscape more attractive. A professional can conduct a soil analysis and identify which types of trees will thrive on the property. Once the homeowner settles on the right trees, it will be easy to acquire and plant them.

For any type of project involving trees, call a professional tree service today. It will not take long to determine what must be done and the best way to accomplish the goal. Best of all, every step of the process will be managed in the safest possible way.

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