Reasons for Tree Removal in St. Paul, MN

Trees are planted around a home provide beauty, shade and they can be used to help define the boundaries of the property. To maintain their beauty, trees need to be taken care of properly, which may involve trimming dead branches so they do not fall onto someone’s property or the homeowner’s roof during a storm. However, despite how well a tree is maintained, it can become the victim of disease or high winds and need to be removed. Depending on where the tree is located, removing it can be difficult because it could cause damage if it isn’t properly cut down.


While a tree may become a victim of winter storms or high winds, there are other reasons that homeowners may want to hire a company that does Tree Removal in St. Paul MN. A tree that has grown to close to a house may have roots that grew into or under the foundation, making the house unstable. Tree branches that grow over the house can also cause roof damage and allow pests or animals get into the home by entering from the eaves of the house. These problems can be very costly to the homeowner because the roof may need to be replaced and the foundation repaired.


While keeping the tree trimmed could keep roof damage to a minimum and help keep pests out of the home, trees threatening the home’s foundation should be removed. Once a house’s foundation has been compromised, the stability of the structure is in jeopardy. Water can get under the foundation and eventually cause it to collapse, leading to the home being destroyed.
It is much less expense to eliminate the threat by having the tree removed from the property before it can cause problems. Along with tree removal in St Paul MN, many tree services will also remove the stump that is leftover. Tree stumps are not just unattractive, but they can attractive insects that will make the leftover stump their home. To reduce the risk of those insects getting into the home, the company cutting down the tree should also remove the stump as well.

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