Reasons for Septic Pump Replacement in Orlando, FL

Most septic tanks operate with one pump, called a grinder pump. The purpose is to grind up large solids before they enter the tank. The process makes solids easier to break down once in the tank and prevents clogs within the system. Grinder pumps are typically located in the basement and consist of grinder blades, a motor, and electrical wiring. They are designed to be durable and can operate for years with no problems. That does not mean they can be ignored altogether by building owners.

Blades that become dull can be sharpened to a certain extent. The motor can be repaired, depending on the problem, and rewiring is sometimes possible. A problem with the grinder pump does not necessarily mean Pump Replacement in Orlando FL is required. Experienced technicians will be able to determine if repairs can be completed. If the entire pump fails, then replacement is required.

In addition to a grinder pump, some tanks also have a riser pump that pushes wastewater from the tank into the drain field. These pumps are needed if the field in above the tank or if the tank is located on a hill. Replacement of the pump is more cost-effective than replacing the entire tank due to major damage caused by either grinder or riser pump failure.

Newly installed pumps have to include an alarm to meet building codes. If there is an older pump in the building, having an alarm installed is a wise idea. Any problems with the pump trigger the alarm to alert owners the pump needs attention. Other signs the pump is not working include slow drains, water backing up in sinks and toilets, and odors. Spikes in the electric bill can also indicate a problem. Those signs can also indicate the tank has to be emptied or another electrical problem is occurring in the building.

An annual inspection of the pump is recommended to ensure it is operating properly and efficiently. The inspection can be arranged to occur at the time of annual tank emptying and cleaning for convenience. Residential and business customers can go to website for details on inspections, routine maintenance, and Pump Replacement in Orlando FL.

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