Reasons for Relatively Low Rates for Auto Insurance in South Austin TX

It may seem unfair when auto insurance premiums become more expensive after moving from a rural area or a small town to a big city. The driver may never have been in a collision. This person may have been ticketed for very few or even no traffic violations. Nevertheless, premiums almost invariably cost more in urban areas because the risk of collisions is greater and so is the risk of criminal activity. Shopping for Auto Insurance in South Austin TX is important to compare rates from different companies. Quotes can be obtained from independent agents and from those working directly for insurers. An agent like Patrick Court represents one particular company, such as State Farm.

One main reason for the higher risk of automotive accidents in cities is the traffic congestion. Insurance company underwriters have even determined which cities are the most prone to collisions, and the insurance rates are adjusted accordingly. Other issues underwriters account for include the risk of vandalism, vehicle theft and window glass damage by burglars. This explains why Detroit residents have the highest insurance premiums in the country and why the rates for residents of North Carolina city Winston-Salem are relatively low.

State laws regarding automotive insurance also affect premium rates. Some states require companies to provide no-fault insurance, which means those companies must pay for their policyholder’s medical bills and vehicle damage even if another driver caused the accident. Texas is not a no-fault insurance state, so residents do not have this additional factor driving up rates.

In the top 30 most expensive places to buy auto insurance as determined by NerdWallet, Houston is the only Texas city on the list. That’s good news for people shopping for Auto Insurance in South Austin TX. Houston’s accident rate is high and so is the rate of vehicle theft there. The Austin metro area isn’t nearly as big as Houston, and traffic congestion is much lower. Crime rates also are dramatically lower. Even with Austin being the capital of the state and thus bringing in a large number of visitors every year, the roads and the community, in general, are safer, and insurance rates reflect that.

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