Real Vs Man-made Diamond Jewelry

Perhaps you are thinking about buying someone a lovely ring, necklace, earrings, or another item of jewelry. Nothing is more impressive than diamond jewelry, and these stones never fail to make a huge impression on everyone. However, when you shop for the right jewelry, you can buy real, or you’ll save as much as forty percent with man-made diamonds. Which is the best choice?

Defining Man-made

“Man-made” means that the stone was created in laboratory conditions. They are sometimes called synthetic diamonds, and they are the real thing. However, they didn’t grow over millions of years deep inside the earth like real, mined stones. Synthetic stones are not imitations like rhinestones or zircons. These real diamonds can be hard to tell apart from their mined counterparts.

Reasons to Buy Manmade

You will save money when you buy manmade diamond jewelry. You can also be sure that the stone was not mined in countries where people in the mines are abused (blood stones).

Reasons to Buy Mined Diamonds

Mined stones are 100 percent unique, just like snowflakes. Man-made stones are mass-produced, and many of them are identical. If you want something truly unique, you should invest in real stones.

If you want the best investment, consider real diamonds. They are in demand and always will be, and the value should steadily increase over time. Many people are afraid of buying synthetic stones because they still consider them “fake.” In fact, some unscrupulous people are selling fake stones and passing them off as man-made.

The Value of Real Diamond Jewelry

When you buy a beautiful ring or other pieces of jewelry people will ask you about the stones. If you tell them they are synthetic, you might get a funny look and then you’ll have to explain that man-made stones are not fake stones. However, they may not believe you, so why take chances?

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