Real Estate Attorneys in Nassau County NY Help Landlords Evict Problem Tenants

Irresponsible tenants can cause plenty of problems for landlords. Although they may pass all of the background screenings prior to moving in, some tenants cost a property owner more than they pay in rent. Fortunately, landlords have options to help them get rid of tenants that insist on destroying their property and aggravating other tenants. Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY property owners trust can help a landlord start and complete the eviction process.

Before Going to Court

There are specific steps a landlord needs to take prior to cleaning out a former tenant’s vacant apartment. The first step is to give them notice to leave. The notice has to provide a detailed explanation of how the tenant violated the lease agreement. Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY landlords can depend on may help them with the paperwork necessary to legally evict their tenant. Landlords should document everything that happens between the staff and tenant until the case is scheduled for a hearing.

Preparing for Eviction Court

Ideally, a problem tenant will move out prior to their hearing. However, some tenants will go to court and try to convince the judge to let them stay in their unit. It’s important for a landlord to bring all documentation and witnesses to prove their case. They should also bring Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY courts respect. Problem tenants rarely go to court with lawyers so they have a significant disadvantage. Since the landlord won’t know whether or not the tenant has hired a lawyer, they should always have The Law Offices of Peter Morra in Nassau County NY by their side.

Evicting a tenant is rarely easy. Tenants that are forced to move may cause additional damage to the unit. The courts may order a tenant to pay any unpaid rent as well as reimburse the landlord for property damage the tenant causes before they leave. After removing the tenant that was causing trouble for the community, landlords must tighten their screening processes so they can avoid the same problems in the future. Being a landlord can be a lucrative and exciting career, as long as they have strict processes in place to avoid renting to people who won’t respect the lease agreement.

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