Raising a Family While Raising the Word: eLearning Possibilities

Raising a family is a challenging job that takes up a lot of your time, but is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. However, unlike decades ago when one parent often had to choose whether they wanted to pursue higher education or have a family straight off the bat, that’s no longer the case.

Distance learning online has been gaining momentum for years, and today, it’s a universally accepted form of higher learning. Here are four tips for how SCU can help you achieve your ambitions as you raise a healthy, happy family.

1. Taking Stock of Your Goals

When you feel a strong inclination toward doing God’s work and strict commitment to Christian values, it’s also possible to pursue this in an institutional setting. Raising a family actually prepares you more effectively for leadership roles and to function as a beacon of inspiration, since you already know how to guide others according to the Bible. Crosswalk highlights the fact that effective Christian leaders, regardless of their role, actively seek God’s direction at all times.

If you’re already responsible for the religious education and moral instruction of children in development, then you know full well what to expect as you seek proper guidance from the Bible about how to bring up your family. This is a strong skill to have as you pursue a more formal education online, since you already have some of the most important real life training you could hope to receive. In this way, you’re actually ahead of the curve.

2. How Our Online Courses Work

At our School of Adult and Online Education, we offer four areas of study that include Business, Management, Social Services, and Christian Leadership. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a position in Christian Leadership or wish to obtain a BLP, this can all be done online with a Christ-centered perspective on how you navigate in the world.

The SCU difference is that, unlike other institutions with eLearning opportunities, you get the Christian principles right alongside excellent, expert instruction in the area of the your choice. These are skills that you can apply not only to your working and professional life, but also to family life, with Christian values front and center stage.

We offer diverse options for online Bible college courses suitable for many types of backgrounds. Have a look today to find out how SCU can help benefit your future and start you on the road to a more fulfilling life.

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