Questions To Ask When Hiring Fashion Photographers In New York

Finding a reputable photographer in New York can be a difficult task. After all, anyone with a decent camera and a legitimate looking website can pass themselves off as a professional photographer. If you are looking to hire a photographer for your portfolio, brand, or marketing endeavor, it’s important to choose one who can deliver on his or her promises, and give you the best possible material. Here are just a few questions to ask when hiring fashion photographers in New York.

What Does Your Portfolio Contain?

It’s important to hire a photographer with a similar vision as your project. If you are looking to capture vintage, elegant looking fashion photography hiring a modern photographer whose work has an emphasis on the strange and bizarre simply won’t help your project out in the long run. Similarly, if you are seeking something with a more modern edge, a photographer who specializes in soft romantic shots may not be ideal for you. Take a few moments and browse through their portfolio to help satisfy yourself that you’ve hired the right person with the right vision for the job.

Have You Done A Shoot Like This Before?

There is nothing wrong with hiring someone with very little experience in the type of shoot that you are trying to achieve, but be sure that the individual you hire has at least some familiarity with the type of shoot that you have envisioned. Again, this is where viewing a portfolio ahead of time can come in handy. You can ensure that the individual you hire has at least some experience, and can capture the look or tone you are aiming to achieve.

Who Are Your References?

You should always ask for references, regardless of how talented the individual appears to be. Talent is no substitution for delivering a product on time and to his or her best ability, so be sure that you ask for, and follow up with, any and all references provided.

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