Questions to Ask the Air Conditioning Contractor

The air conditioning system is a critical component of summer comfort. Getting the most out of the unit begins with the installation of the unit itself. You should ask the following questions to the contractor to ensure that the maximum energy-efficiency is obtained, as well as the maximum cooling comfort.

The first question to ask the air conditioning contractor should be about the right size of the home unit. The size of the air conditioning system is rated based on the amount of square footage it can cool. If the unit is too large for the space, the cooling effect won’t be as efficient as it could be. If the unit is too small, the house won’t cool down and the unit will work harder. Both scenarios can add significant costs to energy bills.

The next question is about zoning in different areas. Zones are established in large houses where rooms aren’t always occupied. While this might not be an issue for smaller homes, creating zones can potentially save some money in larger ones. The number of zones will depend on how the house is divided, the size of the rooms, and the number of windows that a room has. A room with a wall of windows may need to be zoned by itself to help establish a comfortable level in the room, no matter the temperature outside.

Take time to ask the air conditioning contractor about the duct system and to understand how it works. Since the air flow directs the cooling of the room, it is important to understand where the vents are. If there is a lack of vents in the room, the cooling air won’t be able to flow into the room. If the room lacks proper duct work and venting, this problem needs to be resolved before the unit is installed.

An air conditioning system can provide a great deal of comfort in the summer. Before the unit is installed, make sure to get the answers to these questions. For more information on air conditioning systems, and to get your questions answered, check out website.

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