Questions to Ask Renters Insurance Agents in Clive IA

Renting a first apartment is a heady experience. Along with the thrill of being independent, it pays to realize that the new situation also involves making some responsible decisions. That includes securing a reasonable amount of tenant insurance. Here are some questions to mull over with one of the Renters Insurance Agents Clive IA before buying any plan.

Why is the Insurance Necessary?

People who have never rented apartments or homes before sometimes think that the insurance policy maintained by the landlord automatically protects them as well. While that insurance policy will provide a measure of protection based on certain events that have to do with actions taken by the landlord, it will do nothing to protect the renter in many cases. As any of the Renters Insurance Agents Clive IA will explain, tenant insurance helps to cover all the many things that are not covered by the landlord’s plan.

What is Needed at a Minimum?

Money may be tight, but there are key benefits that must be part of the tenant insurance policy. One of those is liability coverage. If someone is injured due to the negligence of the tenant, the money to cover medical and other expenses has to come from somewhere. Unless the tenant has a healthy bank account, securing liability coverage is the only smart move to make.

Theft benefits should also be part of the policy. Think of how much money it would take to replace things like jewelry, computers, and other valuables if someone broke in and helped themselves to anything they wanted. With a reasonable amount of coverage for theft, it is possible to file a claim and get enough money to replace those stolen items.

Replacing Personal Items After a Disaster

The disaster benefits in the landlord’s policy will not extend to covering the replacement costs for the tenant’s damaged furniture, clothing, and other items. In order to be truly protected, it pays to have benefits related to events like fires and floods. That coverage will make it much easier to move past the disaster and get things back to normal.

For help with choosing the right amount of renters insurance, Contact us today. It will not take long to find a plan that is affordable and includes a sufficient amount of coverage.

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