Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision About Dog Boarding in Alexandria, VA

The family will be out of town for a week, and taking the family dog this time is out of the question. That means the pet will need to spend the time in a local boarding facility. Before making any decisions about Dog Boarding in Alexandria VA, it pays to visit the facility and ask a few questions. Here are some to keep in mind.

Are the Dogs Allowed to Socialize?

Make sure that the facility offering Dog Boarding in Alexandria VA provides the opportunity for the family dog to play and run around with other canines. While there should be humans on hand to supervise and intervene if the need arises, knowing that the dog will not spend every day inside with nothing to do will make the separation easier for the pet and for the family.

Can the Facility Handle the Pet’s Dietary Needs?

If the dog must be kept on a strict diet to manage a health issue or avoid the adverse effects of an allergy, make sure the staff is prepared to see to the dog’s dietary needs. That may be as simple as not giving the pet certain types of treats, or making sure the dog only consumes the food provided by the owner.

Are Employees Screened and Trained?

An anxious owner will feel better about leaving the dog in the hands of strangers if they happen to be properly trained. Knowing that everyone working at the facility is subject to background checks prior to hiring also reinforces the understanding that the dog is in the hands of people who will take proper care of the animal.

How About Grooming Services?

During the stay, would it be possible to arrange for the dog to be bathed, the coat to be trimmed, and the nails to be clipped? If so, arrange for the grooming to take place a day or two before the family returns. The pet will be fresh and clean when the family arrive to take the dog home.

If the need for boarding services is coming up, visit today and learn more about what they have to offer. After checking out the facility and asking a few questions, there will be no doubt about who should take care of the pet while the owner is out of town. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

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