Questions to Ask before Hiring a Fuel Oil Company in Quincy MA

Have you been considering using a Fuel Oil Company in Quincy MA for your home heating needs? If so, there are a number of different companies to use, making this decision somewhat challenging. Some questions to help you find the best company for your needs are highlighted here.


Do they offer credit terms?


A company that is considered full service will provide their customers with the standard 30 day period to pay their fuel bill in full, whether this is done in one payment, or in an installment payment format. There are some smaller companies that will operate on a C.O.D. basis, which leaves the customer in charge of planning their deliveries around when they get paid.


Has the company changed its corporate name in the past five years?


There are a number of companies that will close their doors in the middle of the winter due to financial issues, only to open up once again later on down the road. In order to hide any past failures, they will begin to operate under a different name.


What is their concentration in your area?


You should be aware of any offer from an oil company that is not well-known, or that is located a significant distance from your location. This means that they will likely not be able to arrive at your location if you are in need of their services quickly.


Who will be responsible for servicing your heating equipment and who will install any new equipment?


Even in instances where you located a discount company that is offering their services, it is typically from a subcontractor who, believe it or not, are usually quite undependable. It is also preferable that you have an installer from the actual oil company to put in any new equipment, versus using a subcontractor who may not know the equipment or technology as well.


When you are considering using a fuel oil company in Quincy MA, asking the right questions is essential. The answers that you receive will help you make an educated decision regarding the services you receive. This is important for the safety and efficiency of your home heating equipment.

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