Questions to Ask a Child Custody Lawyer in Rockford, IL

Child custody is a case much the same as any other. There will be one side pushing one narrative and then another side pushing a different narrative. Much as in a criminal or a civil trial, you’ll work with your child custody lawyer to develop a compelling case. You will come up with a narrative and then work to push that narrative to the judge. For example, if you decide that you need sole custody, you’ll need to build a case to prove that. This means that you’ll need to find evidence to support your claims. So, when you talk with an attorney nearby about the different things that you are attempting, you should talk about the evidence you can present as well. Also, don’t forget to ask questions.

What Kind of Custody?

There are several different types of custody that you can work out with your child custody lawyer. The lawyer from Hampilos & Associates, LTD will work with you to come up with something that works best for you and your child. In a child custody hearing, the well-being of the child is going to always be the foremost concern of the judge.

You should work with a child custody lawyer in Rockford, IL or nearby to come up with something that works for your child. There is also other family law fields that are related; make sure that the attorney can work in those fields as well.

What Other Fields?

A child custody lawyer close to you needs to be able to also work in other fields. A good family law attorney can also be an adoption lawyer or a divorce lawyer. Also, since family disputes are so often financial, he or she should be a good trust lawyer as well. If he or she can cover all of those different fields, you’ll be able to trust that whatever turns your case might take; you’ll be covered by a great attorney.

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