Questions And Answers About Skunk Removal In Columbus OH

Homeowners who have skunks on their property will want to get them removed as quickly as possible. Not only do skunks leave a terrible odor when they spray, but they often get underneath the house and leave their waste behind. Homeowners who suspect they have a skunk problem should contact a company that provides Skunk Removal in Columbus OH. Read the questions and answers below to learn important information about getting rid of skunks.

Can skunks that are on the property get inside of the house?

Skunks aren’t often found inside a person’s house, but it can happen. A skunk might enter through a pet door or through holes that lead into the house. Skunks are normally discovered living under a house in the crawl space, underneath a porch, or in a shed or barn. If a person or a pet startles a skunk, this will often cause the animal to spray its offense odor.

How can homeowners catch skunks that are on their property or underneath their house?

It’s not recommended for individuals who aren’t trained in skunk removal to attempt this task. One wrong move and the individuals may find themselves covered in skunk spray. When homeowners discover a skunk on their property, they should immediately contact an experienced company that specializes in skunk removal. A wildlife control specialist will use a specific type of humane trap to capture the animal, so no one will be in danger.

How can homeowners keep skunks from coming onto their property?

Once a skunk is removed by a professional company that provides Skunk Removal in Columbus OH, homeowners can take steps to make their property less attractive to skunks. Homeowners should avoid leaving food outside at night for their pets, and they should make sure their outside trash is sealed in a garbage container. Homeowners should also make sure that there aren’t any openings to their crawl spaces, porches or outbuildings. If skunks can’t find food or shelter, they’ll most likely go elsewhere to live.

The Wildlife Control Company Inc. provides humane removal services of skunks, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, bats and more. Contact us for additional information about our services and to schedule professional removal of a nuisance animal.

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