Puppy Training in Chicago: The Key To A Well-Behaved Dog

The importance of obedience training for your puppy cannot be stressed enough. A well-behaved dog makes for a happy owner and dog as well. Training builds a strong relationship between a handler and their canine companion. Your dog need not be an obedience champion with a string of titles after its name or ribbons on the wall but, if that’s your goal, there is nothing wrong with that.

Puppy training in Chicago begins the first day the animal arrives at its new home. Puppies are capable of learning simple commands such as sit beginning at the age of eight weeks. It is important to establish good habits and prevent bad ones from the start. Developing good habits from the start is easier than undoing bad ones.

A well-trained, reliable dog can experience greater freedom and more experiences than one that drags their owner down the street and refuses to obey commands. Dogs that demonstrate that they will comply with commands to lie down or sit, and remain doing, so until released, are often allowed entry into facilities or businesses where ill-behaved dogs are not welcomed.

A dog that behaves is also a happier one, as it is not constantly being corrected, either verbally or physically by its handler or owner, and understands what is expected and what is allowed. Dogs appreciate and understand clear and consistent rules. So, an owner needs to decide if the dog will be allowed on the bed or furniture. It is confusing (and not fair) to let them on the furniture and all of a sudden when Aunt Dee comes to visit (who doesn’t like dogs on the furniture), they are scolded for doing what they have always be allowed to do.

If you have never trained a dog, or it has been many years and you need a refresher course, feel free to contact us for information on group puppy classes. Individual training is also available for specific issues, but the benefits of attending a group obedience class are numerous.

Puppy Training in Chicago allows owners and their puppies to work on interactions with strangers, other puppies, and new situations in a controlled setting. Experienced dog trainers will help guide you through techniques and methods to train your puppy. The best training classes we teach you to teach your puppy, not teach your puppy for you.

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