Protect Your Home or Business from a Pigeon Invasion

Pigeons thrive very well in urban environments, you can find flocks of them in most cities. They are usually found close to people as they associate food to humans and usually not afraid of them. They can gather in large flocks especially when they know food will be involved. The problem with birds is they like to roost high up on ledges, signs, and even in the rafter of buildings. The materials they use to make their nest often will create a mess. They can clog up vents and chimneys of homes with their nests creating a fire risk. Not to mention how awful their droppings look on building and vehicles. If you require pigeon control in Plano, TX area seek out a professional that can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to handle the issue.

Pigeons Not Only Ruin Buildings They Spread Diseases

The acid in the droppings of pigeons can eat away at the material that homes and businesses are built from. Over time this can make the building look worn and with the berries they tend to eat they become stained. The worst part of how pigeons gather they leave behind a lot of feces. These feces contain bacteria that can cause over sixty diseases that can be spread between animals and humans. From salmonella food poisoning to pseudo-tuberculosis these “flying rats” transport and carry these diseases to different locations. These diseases can lead to respiratory problems and can even be fatal causing death to anyone who is exposed to them.

Save Yourself Time and Money by Hiring a Professional

If you are a commercial property owner, pigeons may cost you clients that in return will cost you money. When you hire an expert to come assist in removing the birds from your location they can save you time by knowing how to find the birds nesting areas and how to trap them. They will have the right equipment to capture these birds and cages to hold them in until they are taking to a new location. An exterminator will also give you advice on how to make sure they do not return. Some companies will even provide repairs to any areas that pigeons are known to nest in. Once the birds are removed and you are able to finally clean their damage up for good, customers will be more likely to visit your business. Since there will no longer be any pesky birds to bother them.

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