Projects That Can Be Completed by a Full-Service Landscaper in Silverdale WA

A full-service Landscaper in Silverdale WA can complete many different types of projects for customers. Some examples include installing an irrigation system, adding hardscapes like patios and paths, and designing the layout of flower gardens and rock gardens. They can build water features like small fountains and waterfalls and they also can place an almost instant lawn by laying sod.

An Impressive Property

Homeowners who hire a full-service Landscaper in Silverdale WA may have some of the most impressive outside property features in the neighborhood. Beautiful splashes of floral color catch the attention of passersby and create a soothing effect for household residents gazing out at the gardens. When they sit outside on the patio that was made from brick pavers, they enjoy their own private bit of Paradise as they sip coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, sometimes enjoying a meal.

Flower Selections

When considering plant selection, the landscaper will confer with the customers as to the kinds of flowers they like best and whether they have any particular favorite color schemes. Gardens can be crafted to focus on certain colors or they can be a blaze of hues with no apparent theme. The designers know that shorter plants in front and tall ones in back allow people to view all the flowers at one time.


Landscapers with companies like Brookside Landscape & Design often are not starting with a completely blank slate, so to speak. They may appreciate the chance to start with a residential lot that is bare of any grass or other plants, only featuring a brand new house that was recently constructed. Much of the time, however, they are called upon to turn an ordinary landscape into something remarkable. They start their project by viewing a lawn that has patchy grass along with a scraggly flower garden or two.

A Knack for Design

Many people enjoy caring for their lawn and various gardens, but they simply don’t have the knack for design like a professional does. They greatly appreciate having a talented and skilled team develop a plan for their property that turns it into something noteworthy.

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