Progressive Starch Mixers: Make Starch Additives a Thing of the Past

Is your current starch mixing system bumping up costs while producing unsatisfactory starch adhesive? If so, consider switching to an updated, greener solution. Truly sustainable starch kitchens and associated machinery produce high-quality adhesive while cutting back on energy usage, starch consumption, human error, and unnecessary labor. An experienced corrugator machinery manufacturer will evaluate your company’s unique needs, and match you with the ideal kitchen and equipment for your operation.

More Starch, Fewer Additives
When it comes to flexibility and ease of use, it doesn’t get much better than sustainable starch mixing systems. Quality mixing kitchens give companies in the corrugating industry much more freedom than traditional mixing solutions. Improved units allow corrugating professionals to select any native pearl starch in smaller quantities, be it potato, tapioca, wheat or corn. This not only cuts back on starch additives, but also makes it easier for companies to strengthen bonds on all sorts of substrates. Equipped with fully automatic mixing blades, hybrid machines boost corrugator speeds – resulting in faster, more effective production.

Batch-to-Batch Viscosity
In any industry, the propensity for error is always present. Automatic machinery greatly reduces the possibility for mistakes and hiccups, and in turn saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. With an automatic system, you can design and test a variety of adhesive recipes. Once you settle on the perfect blend, you can program the system to churn it out as often as necessary. Human error is common in industry operations, especially when exact measurements are required. While no machine is 100% failsafe, automatic starch mixers come close.

Greater Savings & Revenue
Without progressive equipment, starch mixing requires a lot of costly expenses. Hybrid, automatic machinery is designed to cut back on the costs associated with starch adhesive blending. Rather than spending money on starch additives, you can put more funds toward high-quality starch. In addition, you won’t have to use as much starch per batch. Typically, modernized machines can cut starch consumption down to 1.6 LBS / MSF. This feature, coupled with fully automated capabilities, results in greater savings and revenue generation. With more available funds, you’ll have the resources you need to upgrade your operation as necessary.

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