Professional Tree Trimming Service in Westbury

For various reasons, people like to hire a professional for tree trimming service in Westbury. Our company, Posillico Brothers, will be there to assist with this type of service. Whether you do not know how to trim trees, or maybe you just do not have the ambition to do it, we are here to help.

Trimmed Trees Are Healthier

Did you know that trees that you have us maintain do not just look healthier with this service? They are healthier in general with maintenance. You can make your tree last longer by keeping up the maintenance. You do not have to know how to trim the trees. Our company is here to take that burden off you. Let us help you make that beautiful tree of yours last more years to come.

Keep Out of Danger

Yes, you can be putting yourself in danger when you attempt to maintain your trees, even if it is just trimming them. Trimming trees involves the use of saws, other equipment, and getting up on ladders. This can put you at risk for potential injuries. We perform tasks like this day in and day out. We have the experience and knowledge to offer optimal tree trimming service. We have the right equipment to get the job done in the safest way possible. We have our own company insurance. We do show proof of that upon request. Not every company has their own insurance, and it is one less hassle to a client when the company does have it. If there were any injuries while performing tree services, our insurance company will tend to us. Nothing would come back on you.

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Trees During Before Seasons

We recommend that our customers prune and trim their trees during the summer and winter months. The reason you should do this is that it will prevent damage from happening during those two seasons. During winter, trees that have yet to be pruned can result in having dead branches fall off the tree. During summer, there are seasonal storms that will occur and you should keep up on the maintenance prior to this happening, which will prevent limbs from flying off the trees. We worry about our client’s safety, and this is one main thing we always recommend when it comes to maintenance of your yard.

Our Mission

We often target trees that are damaged, dead, diseased, or unstable. Trees that put a risk to you and your family’s safety are our first priority. When you need a professional tree trimming service, Posillico Brothers is here to help. We extend our services throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County, New York. We assist with both commercial and residential clients.

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