Processes Involved In Metal Fabrication In Pensacola, Florida

Metal is a substance that people rely on for all types of construction, from railroads, to buildings, to vehicles, to buildings, to thousands of everyday household items. Metals are mined from the earth and then extracted from ores through the process of smelting. The raw metals are melted and formed into sheets, which are then sent to metal fabrication shops to be formed into specific objects or parts. Metal Fabrication in Pensacola Florida can involve the following processes.


Sheet metal is most often cut with an automated cutter, such as a plasma table, a laser cutter, or a water jet cutter. These machines work best with different thicknesses of metal and offer different degrees of precision. Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) cutters are controlled by a software program that can read and transmit a computer-assisted design (CAD) drawing that the client uploads.


The two most common machining tools are lathes and mills. They are used to remove excess metal from a metal part by positioning the metal against a rotating cutting tool (in the case of a mill), or using a tool to remove metal from a spinning object (in the case of a lathe). Drills are also used to refine the shape of a metal part by making holes in it.


A flat sheet of metal can be bent into an angle in several ways. A punch and die machine uses an angled head to punch the sheet metal into a V-shaped die, effectively bending the metal into the desired angle. Edge-bending, when the sheet of metal extends over the edge of the die and is pushed down against it, works well for a 90 degree angle. CNC machines can produce specific angles.

Roll Forming

Rolling metal into curved shapes involves feeding sheet or plate metal through multiple rollers. The arrangement of the rollers determines the shape of the resulting curvature in the metal.

Once the metal has been cut and shaped, parts may need to be joined together through welding. The final product will be sand-blasted and painted, if required. For more information about Fabrication in Pensacola Florida, visit website.

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