Preventing An Expensive Automatic Transmission Repair in GR

Automatic transmissions tend to be the favorite for many drivers. With an automatic transmission you eliminate the hassle of working clutches and shifting gears as you drive. However, even with this level of convenience you still have to be mindful of your transmission. Even automatic transmissions have a tendency to burn out and malfunction when not properly cared for. Make sure to follow the following tips to prevent Automatic Transmission Repair GR has available.


Transmission fluid. Both types of transmissions use transmission fluid. Why? There are a number of gears and parts that work to make up the transmission. These metal parts need to stay properly lubricated in order to keep them running smoothly. Transmission fluid simply acts as a lubricant to help the parts move. Without it your transmission would eventually burn up. Always work to keep an eye on your fluid levels and replenish them when necessary. The fluid will eventually wear out and become less effective. To prevent this from happening try to have the transmission fluid changed about every 15,000 miles.


Going forward and reversing. Since there’s no need to shift too many gears with an automatic transmission, drivers tend to be a bit more careless. A great example of this would be failing to completely stop before reversing the vehicle. Always make it a point to completely stop your vehicle before going from drive to reverse, or vice versa. By abruptly switching directions before stopping you are damaging your transmission. If you begin to notice problems, look for a service for Automatic Transmission Repair GR has available.


Don’t overlook problems. Often times drivers make the mistake of overlooking obvious signs of transmission problems. For instance, an overheating transmission doesn’t always mean that you simply need to add more transmission fluid. Sometimes an overheating problem is a sign that your transmission is already failing. If you notice a problem like this, visit a mechanic as soon as possible.


Use these tips to increase the lifespan of your automatic transmission. Being mindful of your transmission fluid and how you treat your transmission will help it last longer. Visit the website to find out more information that can help.

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