Preparing your Taxes in Plumas County, IRS Tax Filing Is Here

As of writing this, the nation is in an IRS tax filing season. A reliable and qualified California tax preparer is critical in filing taxes. There have been changes in the state of California which involves the state disability insurance, California state disability tax, payroll tax, and gift/estate taxes. Taxes Plumas County is also affected, but not everyone knows what the changes are and how these changes affect their personal and business filing rules. Quincy and Plumas County tax preparation firms stay abreast of new tax laws and legislation. This is in order to find homeowners and business owners tax planning opportunities to keep their liabilities at a minimum or not at all.

Tax Preparers

Tax preparers, who do your business taxes in Plumas County, can help in the field of partnerships, corporate, fiduciary, tax planning, and tax problem resolutions. Accounting services are also provided in payroll processing, bookkeeping, Quickbooks, and business consulting. These services are not seasonal, but on-going, meaning the Plumas County tax preparation offices are open year round.

IRS Tax Preparer Laws

The IRS has defined rules for persons who will serve as tax preparers. They must be a certified public accountant, enrolled IRS agents and attorneys can operate as a tax preparer on behalf of a taxpayer, and they must pass the Tax Return Preparer Competency Exam through the IRS. Tax preparers often work as full time accountants, even in off tax seasons. They must be professional, patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and have good communication skills.

Tax Preparer Responsibilities

Responsibilities of licensed tax preparers, includes collecting their client’s current year financial paperwork. There is different financial information needed for individuals and businesses, with one exception, and that is an income statement. Using all the financial information needed, tax preparers are now able to use computer generated or electronic income tax software. These software programs are pre-designed with a checklist which helps the tax preparer to complete your return. Since California tax codes generally change, tax preparers must stay on top of these new rules. They must know what new tax laws are applicable and how they are to be applied. The IRS sends registered tax preparers, updated newsletters and bulletins to make sure both simple and corporate tax returns are filed correctly.

The California Tax Preparers Act

The California Legislature passed the Tax Preparers Act in 1996, noting that tax preparers must be ethical, and show professional conduct; the law identifies the bonding and penalties for breaking this law. California law requires that whoever prepares tax returns for a fee and is not exempt, must register with the California Tax Education Council, as a tax preparer. The exemption in preparing tax returns, involves California certified public accounts, enrolled agents, attorneys who are members of the California State Bar, and certain banking or trust officials.

Plumas County Tax Preparer

When you are in the Quincy or Plumas County area, contact Lori and Curtis of Feather Financial; they can take care of all your Real Estate, tax and insurance needs. With their certified, expertise, you get big city experience in a small town firm. Let them personalize your professional services. With over 30 years of combined experience in income tax preparation, they are your one-stop shop. For the preparation of your taxes, schedule your appointment today or just simply drop off your documents. Their clients’ needs are their top priority, including a strong commitment to individual and business problem solving.

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