Preparing to Meet an Accident Injury Law Attorney in Spokane, WA

Being in an accident can have a serious impact on a person’s future. The neglectful actions of another person can cause an inability to work and perform many daily activities. An accident can also create huge medical bills and cause problems with relationships. To recoup losses from being in an accident, it’s a good idea to see an accident injury law attorney in Spokane, WA. The following guidelines can assist in preparing for an initial meeting.

Before meeting with an accident injury law attorney in Spokane, WA, ensure that all client forms are filled out completely. Answers on these forms should be accurate and up-to-date. Don’t skip any questions simply because they seem too personal in nature, the lawyer may need these details to help build a case. Also, this information may factor into the attorney’s decision on whether to take the case. Return these forms at least a few days before the first visit, and when this is done, confirm the date and time of the initial appointment.

It’s advisable to be prepared by having all information organized. Documents such as police reports, hospital records, pharmacy receipts, and tow truck receipts should be organized into folders. Make a copy of these before the initial meeting. Offer the lawyer the copies but be prepared to give the originals upon request. All videos, pictures, and sketches should be given to the lawyer. Don’t leave out evidence because you think it may not be relevant to the case, allow the lawyer to decide the facts that pertain to the situation.

Practice reciting the chain of events that led up to the accident itself and the events following it. Write an account of the entire situation, type it up and hand it to the lawyer. Being able to clearly tell about the accident will help the lawyer see your side of the events in an efficient manner. By using these guidelines, an accident victim will have a good chance of being accepted as a client. Please visit Deissner Law Office for information on personal injury law services as this practice can handle numerous services including social security disability and personal injury.

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