Preparing For A Visit By Mobile Veterinarians

If you have a companion animal and live in Chicago, you know the importance of an annual check-up. You also understand when it is essential your pet see a veterinarian. This involves preparing for the visit. If you live in an area catered to by mobile veterinarians, you are indeed lucky. However, even if the vet is coming to your home, you still need to ensure you, and your pet are prepared for this visit.

Basic Considerations

Even though the vet is coming to you, a now popular practice, you must be ready. This does not refer to tidying up your home or having refreshments at hand. Rather, it indicates the need to make certain preparations prior to his or her visit. Like visiting the office, mobile veterinarians deserve your consideration, and you should make sure everything is ready.

1. Be prepared: What is the purpose of this visit? Do you want the vet to look at a specific issue? Make a list of things you want looked at, discussed or followed-up.

2. Samples: Have them ready.

3. Restraints: Even at home, some pets require muzzles or some other form of restraint. The pet may need containment to make the visit easier. Remember, a home visit may be less stressful, but some pets react negatively to vets and/or examinations negatively.

Before even allowing the vet into your home for an official, arrange for an informal one. It will help determine whether this arrangement will work.

Mobile Vets

Mobile vets allow you and your pet to stay in the comfort and safety of your home. However, mobile veterinarians deserve the same consideration as their colleagues in a clinic do. Before they step foot inside the door of your home, make sure you are prepared. Treat your mobile vet with the same courtesy you would one you visit in any Chicago clinic. This ensures your pet, and your vet feels comfortable and can establish a solid, viable relationship.

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