Precision Grinding Companies Offer Many Services

Does your business supply parts to other companies? Perhaps you need machine shop work. Precision grinding companies have much to offer. Here are some of the services they can provide.


You can create many threaded bolts per hour with a thread rolling machine. However, this does not give you the most precise threads, and for some parts, you need the tightest thread patterns possible. A good grinding company can give you wide range of precision threads from 22 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length. They produce Acme, British, tapered, metric, and many other thread types.


Centerless grinding means the workpiece is not constrained during the machining process. It is the perfect solution to achieve roundness for pipes and cylindrically shaped parts. It works well for long parts and is a quick and efficient way to remove rust or corrosion from the exterior of steel pipe.


When you need a close tolerance finish on parts as large as three feet in outside diameter, lapping is the best choice. With lapping, two grinding tools rub together with a lapping compound between them. This type of precision grinding is a slow process but gives you an extremely smooth surface.


For outside diameter cylindrical grinding, the workpiece is secured into a turning device. The grinding tool comes down and moves along the workpiece as it grinds the surface. Inside diameter precision grinding has the workpiece spinning while a boring mechanism enters the part. With both workpiece and grinding tool spinning, you get a smooth and even finish.


Blanchard grinding is designed to put a surface finish on large metal parts. It is a good way to finish large washers or plates. The Blanchard process can remove a great deal of material with one pass. The method is also called rotary surface grinding.

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