Pre-Move Planning With Commercial Movers In Dallas

As the manager, owner or designated moving coordinator, working closely with the commercial movers in Dallas handling the corporate relocation is important to ensure the move is smooth and seamless.

Not all commercial movers offer a moving coordinator that is available to assist with pre-planning and helping to organize the move. This is a highly beneficial service that is included as part of the base move price with top moving companies.

While it may seem like this is just an advantage for the clients, it is also a very big plus for the commercial movers. When there is an experience moving coordinator familiar with the needs of business, workplace and corporate relocations involved from the early planning stages there is less chance of mistakes, delays and problems in getting items on the truck in a logical order for unloading at the other end.

Budgeting Issues

When working with commercial movers companies, or their designated move organizer, plan to discuss the company budget for the move.

Based on budget information the moving company may be able to offer suggestions, advice and information on how to reduce the costs of the move. They may also be able to suggest adding services to make the move easier and ultimately reducing productivity downtime.

Handling Sensitive Information

Some businesses may have records, documents and computers or servers that include sensitive information and data. The best movers who specialize in business, healthcare and government agencies moves will have standards and protocols in place to safely and securely move these type of items.

When commercial movers are going to have access to these types of documents and information, it is critical to ensure they use employees who have full background checks in place and who are trained in how to move documents to industry standards and industry specific guidelines.

Moving Specialized Equipment

Most Dallas business will have a significant amount of electronic and computer equipment to move. When working with the top commercial movers in advance of the move the right amount of blankets, padding and wrapping will be available to make sure everything is safe while moving, transport and unloading.

In advance, the commercial movers may also send in teams to take down furniture, fixtures and even to disconnect the phone and computer networks. These same professionals can also reconnect and rebuild everything at the destination, allowing your employees to come in the next day and get right to work in their new office.

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