Pre-Move Coordination With Commercial Moving Companies In Nashville

Commercial moving in Nashville can involve a wide range of different types of properties. It may include moving an office or a retail outlet, a medical clinic or a production facility, with each possibility, creating a unique set of challenges for the moving company.

Specialized commercial moving companies have specific departments and movers trained in handling these types of moves. They also have move coordinators and manager to work with the business or the corporate office very early in the planning stages to ensure a logical, structured move.

Pre-Move Work

The representatives of commercial moving companies will come out well in advance of the move to complete a survey of what needs to be done prior to the move as well as during the move.

This includes assessing the time it will take to pack, dismantle furniture, crate and wrap electronics and equipment and other similar tasks. This professional will also begin to create a moving plan that is unique to the company.

They may also determine pre-move work which can be done, helping to reduce the work on moving day.

Coordinating the Move

These same experienced commercial moving companies will assign a moving coordinator for the entire project. This means a single point of contact between the business and the movers as well as the person who will manage the move on-site.

This individual will have moving plans completed well in advance, and may even have completed a floor design plan for the new location. He or she will oversee the entire move, ensuring everything is done per the plan, and the agreed-upon services are provided.

Most of the big moving companies in Nashville offer a commercial moving division. These companies understand the importance of staying within the move timeline and in providing the highest level of moving services from start to finish.

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