Pre-Kindergarten Programs are a Positive Link to Youth Development

There has been a significant amount of research conducted that indicate that there are positive benefits from early learning in young children. These benefits are an enhancement to their emotional, personal and cognitive development. Years of research in the development of the brain and cognitive science has reflected that not only are children eager to learn but they have the ability to retain much more information at a young age. There is an unfortunate shortage of opportunities for high-quality learning for the preschoolers and this presents an abundance of difference in the early stage learning exposure for children. This presents a platform of disparity in advancement for children as they enter elementary school.


The Pre-K Advantage


The programs set forth by the Pre-kindergarten program is designed to help young children advance to higher levels of learning prior to the start of standardized learning. The St. Augustine program provides an extremely high standard of learning and unique experiences for preschool age children. There is an immediate notice of intellectual, emotional and academic excellence in those students who have been exposed to the pre-k initiative. There are additional added benefits that make the program a welcoming experience for any child. Children learn to become social at an early age and their interaction with other children helps them to develop interactive skills that others may not display. The lesson plans are structured on a level that encourages the children to be challenged and fully engaged in educational endeavors at and above their grade level.


Family Matters


All parents want their children to have the educational exposure that will prepare them for a successful tenure in elementary, middle and high school. This preparation of course begins at home but it is greatly enhanced by the initiative efforts of a well-established programs. Many parents are committed to helping their preschoolers learn as much as possible from home. However, the St. Augustine pre-kindergarten advantage is one that is structured on a course level that meets the requirements for early childhood development and learning. Every family has the intention of offering their child or children the best opportunity for an excellent education and Pre-Kindergarten programs in St. Augustine are a great incentive to this standard of learning. The opportunity to begin learning standardized teaching at an early age presents an opportunity for academic growth in the years to come.


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