Powering up with AC Power Supply

Power supplies come in two forms: AC and DC. To best supply power to your device and also test new electronic products, it helps to understand the science behind the two.

AC Versus DC Power Supply

An AC power supply means you have an alternating current. This means that electricity flows in both directions. AC is the most common type of power supply, and you see it regarding power in homes and offices.

DC stands for direct current. This means that the current flows only in one direction. For example, you would see this kind of power in a battery operated a device such as a flashlight.

AC Constant Current Power Amplifiers

These kinds of amplifiers produce a constant and steady AC power supply regardless of input. These can benefit those working with testing circuit breakers, meters, or even transformers. These power amplifiers perform under even the most immense pressure without affecting the quality of output. These power amplifiers are particularly helpful for energy companies to test the quality of their products.

What Other Uses Are There for AC Power Amplifiers?

You may need a high voltage AC power supply to test items such as capacitors, induction heating systems, lamps, radar, satellite communications, and even medical devices. Power amplifiers are often used by the government and military to test the products needed to protect our country. Aerospace companies also use power amplifiers to test communications from the sky to the ground. This ensures safety for our military members when engaging in warfare and allows for constant communication to know upcoming moves. With these power amplifiers, we can test even the largest of loads to check their efficiency and ability so that changes can be made before it becomes a safety issue.

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