Possible Outcomes of a DUI in Orange County

When drunk driving, you don’t just put others at risk of losing their lives, you also put yourself at risk. Not to mention, if you do survive an accident, you put yourself through a tremendous amount of legal proceedings, which will take up a dramatic amount of time and money all because you decided to drive. If you are charged with a DUI in Orange County and then go on to be found guilty, it can have severe implications to your future. From limiting job opportunities to simply finding it harder to get around without a car, your life will be made uncomfortable for a long time, all because you were not responsible one night of drinking. Here’s a few possibilities of what can come from a DUI in Orange County.


Lose your Driver’s License


When you are caught drunk driving, you will most likely lose your driving privileges. The amount of time varies depending on whether it’s your first DUI, and also varies on a case by case basis. The most likely situation for a first time DUI would be a suspended license for a minimum of a few months, and can range up to 3 years or more. After that, your driving privileges can be reinstated if you submit to a DUI course. Losing your driver’s license can wreck havoc on your life, making even a trip to the store a long and grueling one. Think about this before you decide to drink and drive.


Jail Time


Jail time is in most cases for a first time DUI a very rare sight, however it is not impossible and does depend on whether the DUI is a misdemeanor or a felony. Jail time can be from 10 days to 1 year in prison, none of which is a good thing. Before you drink and drive, ask yourself, if it is worth going to jail for. Most of the time an easy way home is not worth jail time, so be sensible.




The fine for a DUI could range in-between $390 to $1000. Imagine paying a $1000 fine on top of bail and paying your lawyer. One quick drive home while drunk could end up cost your thousands of dollars.




When you’re charged with DUI, most court rulings will force you to attend alcohol rehabilitation classes. If it’s your first, it could be simply AA meetings, if it’s your third, it could be full jail time then rehab once you’re out. Most judges will see a DUI as an admittance to being reliant on alcohol, so don’t let yourself get to that point. Take some control of yourself before you jump in the car.


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DUI in Orange County

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