Porcelain versus ceramic tiles – which is best?

In many consumers’ mind there is a debate versus ceramic and porcelain tiles. Both are created with clay, sand and water. The difference lies in how long each is baked in a kiln. Porcelain tiles are baked at very high temperatures and for a long time, making sure that almost all the water is removed. Also, sometimes denser clay is used to create porcelain tiles than for ceramic tiles. As a result, the real difference is that porcelain is harder.

The tiles also have different colours and appearances. Most popular for ceramic tiles are the terra-cotta finishes, so popular in Spanish architecture. Porcelain tends to be white or grey. Another variation is that ceramic tiles can be glazed, while porcelain tiles usually are not. Both sets of tiles are regularly used to cover walls in bathrooms and kitchens. As porcelain tiles are harder, they can also be used outdoors, while ceramic tiles are not ideal for this use. Part of the reason that porcelain works well outside is that it is resistant to freezing, which is certainly not a problem for porcelain tiles in Lagos, since the area has wonderfully warm temperatures.

The cost of the different tiles

As the process of creating porcelain is time-consuming and more energy is used, it stands to reason that porcelain is more expensive, generally, than ceramic tiles. This needs to be weighed up against the fact that it’s more durable, so may be more cost effective over its life span. An important consideration, particularly in your Lagos kitchen, is that porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles. When you need tiles for a backsplash, you should look for a product that is easy to clean and won’t stain easily. Bluestar in Lagos stocks a wide variety of porcelain tiles and can advise which would be the best to buy, depending on their position in the home.


Porcelain tiles can even be used on the floor. Ceramic tiles are also used, but they are prone to chipping if an object is dropped on the tiles. As a result, ceramic tiles are probably better for a domestic home, while porcelain tiles can be used in Lagos for both residential and commercial projects. Another important considerable is that porcelain tiles will probably need to be professionally installed. As the tile is hard and dense, you need specific cutting tools and getting certain shapes or rounding edges definitely needs someone experienced to create these.

Porcelain tiles in Lagos are popular to use because of their many applications. Bluestar Finishing Company Ltd stocks a wide range of these tiles and can be contacted for expert advice.

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